Black Dog on the Square with Zelle Andrews

Black Dog on the Square with Zelle Andrews


There is a first for everything. Friday, February 26th was a first for me. I stood in front of friends and strangers and read from my novel, Paisley Memories, for the first time…ever. That is if you don’t count the times I read it out loud to my dogs, Ruby and Cooper. They weren’t as captive an audience as I had on Friday night.

I arrived one and a half hours early at Black Dog Care on the Square in Tallahassee, Florida and climbed up the steps to the door. I’d climbed these steps a few times before when I went to listen to other authors, but this was my night to speak.

When I shared with my husband earlier that day that I was nervous he gave me the classic line “Imagine them in their underwear or naked.”

When he arrived he noticed nude artwork on the walls which I assumed was from a local artist. His response. “Well, you don’t have to use your imagination.” We both laughed and I felt some tension wash away.

After my publisher, Terri Gerrell, graciously introduced me I stepped up to the microphone. With my left hand slightly shaky and my voice wavering a bit I managed to pull myself together and give my reading without fainting, stuttering, or losing my place between pages. I looked up and realized everyone was awake, all seats were still occupied and no one had slipped out the back. It was a great reading and I sold a few novels!

Of course I’ll practice with Ruby and Cooper before any future readings and dangle food before them to keep them attentive. Don’t worry, I won’t dangle food at my next reading, but it I just might serve it…

Zelle Andrews


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