Virtual Book Launch Party!

Virtual Book Launch Party!

Book Launch Party!

SAVE THE DATE because you’re invited to my virtual book launch party! (This post is sponsored by a variety of cool artisans identified below—opinions are my own.)

  • WHAT? A book launch party held over the internet means there’s no reason not to “attend”. You don’t have to get dressed or fix your hair or wear shoes or leave your couch. You can attend while eating supper or watching Netflix.
  • WHEN? January 28, 2016, 7 – 8:30 p.m. Central Time.
  • WHY? Because this is my book release date! Publishing a first book is worthy of a celebration and the only way to celebrate with all my friends at once is via the interweb.
  • WHO? Everyone. You. Me. Facebookers.
  • WHERE? On Facebook. So, yes you do have to be on Facebook to participate. 
  • HOW? Click HERE to join the Facebook party. Easy.

So how does it work? It’s simple. You can participate as much as you like or be a voyeur and just read along.

Here are the basic rules:

I’ll post a question every ten minutes and you’ll post a response or comment. The questions will somehow be related to the book or to reading in general or about the South or growing up—I don’t exactly know because I haven’t thought of the questions yet. But the thing is, this isn’t a test or a trick. There are no right or wrong responses. Just imagine sitting around the table talking about a movie you saw or a current event. Everyone adds to the discussion.

It’s fun and fast paced—at least it will be if people participate. (Seriously, if no one joins in, I’ll be posting questions and talking to myself, so please don’t make me do that because I will.)

A prize will be given to a randomly chosen winner from each set of responses. In other words, every ten minutes or so, a prize will be announced.

And the prizes!

I’m excited to say most of the prizes are being sponsored by local artisans and/or small businesses which I think is pretty special.

Launch Party prizes! Book Launch prizes! Book Launch Prizes!

1. Coneflower seeds harvested from my own flowerbeds last fall. You can read all about this HERE. (No guarantee your flowers will grow—that’s up to you.😊)
2. Grace Grits and Gardening travel candle. This 4 oz soy-blended travel candle is addictive and not soon forgotten. Burn time is 20 hours. You’ll love the aroma of leather and flowers and you’ll want more, but I have a very limited supply.
3. Handmade gift tags I made from Christmas cards. Aren’t they cute?
4. Bath Grits! Southern Girl Soapery partners with local farmers to provide natural products with a southern flair. This wonderful company is headquartered in Little Rock.
5. Venture Planner download from blogger / adventurer and fellow Arkansas Women Blogger, Sarah Shotts. She is so creative and a real inspiration.
6. Orange Lemongrass Soap and Body Drink from By Camille, a local artisan from Branson, Mo. Love her products!!! (Camille is my mother’s college friend’s daughter.)
7. Secret Garden color-your-own Postcards from Nightbird Books in Fayetteville, Ar. For all that snail mail you plan to send in 2016.
8. Scalloped-Edge Clay Bowl made by artisan Beth S Macre Studios. Check out all her adorable pieces at HeartHomes.
9. Just Stitched Love Bird Zippie from Jennifer Salter of Homespun Happiness (& Texas Women Bloggers).
10. Big surprise from moi!

Are you excited?

I am.

Grace Grits and Gardening
Farm. Food. Garden. Life

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