Stolen Cheat Sheet

Stolen Cheat Sheet

By: Zelle Andrews

Today a dream came true. Paisley Memories is on the shelves of Barnes & Noble in Tallahassee, Florida. I was invited to be a guest speaker, during a teen book festival over the weekend. This would be my second speaking engagement…EVER. During my first speaking engagement, I stammered quite a bit in the beginning and my voice was shaky.  Was I just a tad nervous? That was an understatement. At this event, I was much more relaxed. Until my cheat sheet was stolen.

The other author, Talya Boerner and I, were given a list of questions that were suggestions of what to discuss during our author questionnaire panel. I was relying heavily on that cheat sheet. I was so engrossed and focused on answering a particular question that I didn’t notice someone picking up the cheat sheet. In the middle of talking I looked down and all I saw was the white table cloth. It was gone! I’m sure a look of anguish and panic etched itself on my face as my eyes searched for the culprit. “You stole my cheat sheet!” I announced loudly when I saw who held it. I even forgot where I was in regards to answering the question. I started to stammer…

My safety net was gone. Sink or swim, Zelle, I thought to myself.  I swam… It felt like I was swimming in the freezing water of the Wakulla River, but I swam. At the end of the event books were sold and signatures written. And to my delight shelves were stocked with Paisley Memories.

The only three things I need to write are my laptop, glasses, and my imagination.  The only three things I need to make an author panel go off without a hitch are my books, sales, and a cheat sheet that hasn’t been stolen.


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