Rocky Porch Moore’s Whirlwind Weekend

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Rocky Porch Moore’s Whirlwind Weekend


The question racing through my mind was “What if no one comes?” followed immediately by the more terrifying “What if everyone comes?”  The weeks leading up to the initial book signing and launch for Clemenceau’s Daughters were fraught with anticipation.  After all, once launched, a book can’t be un-launched.  The good folks at SYP knew just what to do to keep me from fretting myself into a frenzy:  keep the girl so busy she doesn’t have time to worry!


I was absolutely overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support from the Foley community.  Zana Price, the celebrated Queen of Foley, put on a social media blitz that made my little ole book signing rival a celebrity appearance.   She and the Foley Performing Arts Association were so gracious in providing “prime real estate” for the event at Trim A Tree, Foley’s annual holiday crafts extravaganza.


I had the pleasure of greeting a steady stream of well-wishers, from teachers to church members to former students.  Even the incomparable Mrs. Bebe Foster, a Foley institution, stopped by for a book and a chat!  Just when I started feeling like the Homecoming Queen, though, I would be brought back to reality by random shoppers asking the location of the restrooms.


The launch party itself was held at the Foley Art Center, a quaint New Orleans shotgun house perched right across from Heritage Park, all bedecked in twinkling Christmas splendor.  The evening was filled with laughter, joy, and those delicious little sausage cheese balls my precious mother-in-law, Marge, spent hours preparing. I even had the pleasure of recording a radio interview with Clark Stewart of Foley’s own WHEP.  Punch flowed and my pen flew almost as quickly as the time.  All the while, SYP’s Terri Gerrell was at my side to make sure the events progressed seamlessly.


Now that I’ve had a day or two to catch my breath and reflect on the whole experience, I am even more excited to know that Clemenceau’s Daughters is now gracing coffee tables and bedside tables all over, well, the world!   My students would call the launch “epic”, but I think a more accurate description would be Southern to the bone…not that silly, cliché TV South, but the easy-going gentile attitude that feels like home.  What could be more fitting?

Rocky Porch Moore

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