my Little Free Library runneth over with books!

my Little Free Library runneth over with books!

Little Free Library Books!

What timing. A couple of weeks ago, I returned from Austin to find my Little Free Library almost completely empty. Sometimes the “take a book, leave a book” idea leaves my library out of balance, and that’s okay because—think about it—if you go for a walk and happen upon a Little Free Library that contains a book you want to read, you may not have another book with you to leave in its place. Understandable. It’s all good in the end because there are other times my book supply runneth over from donations from friends and neighbors.

Here’s where the good timing came into play… I also returned to find an entire box of books in my mail—a donation to my Little Free Library from my publisher. (So yes, I’m required to tell you I received free books but all opinions are my own.) The books were those published by SYP Publishing over the last few years. The variety is great, from fishing tales to suspense and thriller and every genre in between. Many are award-winning books from the Florida Authors and Publisher’s Association. (SYP is located in Tallahassee so that ‘splains the Florida connection.)

Of course now I have a dilemma because I want to read each book even though I already have a stack of books waiting for me.

While I can’t tell you about all of these books, I can tell you about the one I just finished reading…

When Giraffes Flew – Author, Jeff Weddle is an expert story teller who has built an impressive and eclectic resume that includes public library director, disc jockey, newspaper reporter, Tae Kwon Do teacher, and fry cook. His first book won the Eudora Welty Prize, so you can bet I pulled When Giraffes Flew right out of the stack and read it in one night. Seriously, it was delicious like a bag of M&Ms left on the dashboard of my car on a spring day—complete messy decadence that melted in my mouth and left me craving more. Yes, his short stories are sometimes dark, sometimes twisted, and yes, I found each one entertaining and even related to a few of them… I’m not sure what that says about me. And p.s. for all you Roll Tide fans, he’s an associate professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama. So there’s that.

I haven’t had a chance to read the others, so for now I’ll add them to my Little Free Library and the neighborhood can enjoy this assortment of great reads. I’ll let them go and if they come back…well…you know the rest.

Little Free Library, Fayetteville, Spring!


spring at my Little Free Library


Tulips at my Little Free Library

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P.S. I wonder what all these Sunshine State books think about hanging in the Natural State with my Razorback?
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