My BEA 2016 Experience Shared with Giraffes, Sand, & Books

My BEA 2016 Experience Shared with Giraffes, Sand, & Books

I’m returning from a trip to BookExpo America  2016 (BEA). I’m sitting on the plane home, looking at the clouds and searching for flying giraffes as I reflect on this four-day whirlwind. Why flying giraffes?2016-05-14 19.27.49


It’s in the title of a book of course. When Giraffes Flew Final-RGB-96

This year BEA was in Chicago. I did not meet a stranger.2016-05-12 10.04.30


Love of the book and written word unites people in a fundamental way. We were readers, writers, publishers, educators, & more with common ground.Everyone I met was excited to talk with other book lovers. My experience at BEA was characterized by sharing. Everything about books was shared. Those new to the business were excited to learn from the experienced. Publishers & professionals shared contacts and methods. Techy people offered bold new ideas for us to consider. Seven FAPA members shared the three-day work load. They spread the word about FAPA, the President’s Book Awards and our display. Perhaps most importantly, enthusiasm and inspiration were shared by all. I spent these days talking about FAPA and our award-winning books. I was able to represent FAPA members and SYP Publishing. I absorbed as much new information as my brain would process.


Accidental Salvation-RGB-96

I know that book lovers everywhere, including Gracie Lee, will benefit from all the work and play that occurred this week. It was truly a book lover’s show and tell. And yes we played, we even managed a little sand art in FAPA colors. As I fly over the clouds and search for flying giraffes, I think about the power of the book. The book is here to stay. The format may change. The way it is created may evolve. The way it is perfected and produced will certainly alter. I am excited to be part of the publishing world at this time. Books shape all our lives.

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